If you've ever talked about Airbnb with us, you know we are passionate about it! Airbnb allows 150 billion users to experience the culture of their destination, and amazing hosts make it even more memorable. We loved it so much, we became hosts ourselves!

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  • Location: North End Tacoma
    Sleeps: 2
    Beds/Baths: 1bd, 1bth

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Consultant Services

Our experience as Airbnb hosts has been amazing, but that did not come instantly or without initial research and learning experiences along the way. For example, did you know that if you cancel any bookings, you cant be a super host for an entire year? Or that Airbnb has an algorithm that determines if your listing appears first in your city search? We want to take what we have learned over the years, to help you create an instant 5 star listing. See our consultation services below and reach out!

    • Where to Stay

    • Become a Host

    • How to Get Started

    • The Financials

    • Free Consultation: We will chat on the phone/meet up to discuss what it means to be a host

    • Setting up your listing: Using our experience and expertise in all things Airbnb to create a 5 star listing.

    • Co Hosting: Want to have an Airbnb, but don't want to have to deal with managing it? Let us take that off your hands!

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    • Setting up the Ideal Listing

    • Pricing Strategy

    • Calendar Management

    • Airbnb Algorithms

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